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Winter Illumination 2006
Christmas and Seasonal Illumination in Major Cities
- Tokyo -
Winter illumination has spread quickly and widely across the metropolis in the past decade. Today, all kinds of illumination can be seen everywhere in the city each with unique theme and original designs. Here, <Winter Illumination 2006> guides you to some of the most marvelous spectacles of light in Tokyo this year.
Marunouchi | Tokyo Tower & Roppongi | Ginza | Omotesando| Ebisu & Daikanyama
Shinjuku | Odaiba | Showa Memorial Park
Tokyo Station Marunouchi Area
The entire area of classy business district Marunouchi is gorgeously decorated every winter from building to building. Even though the traditional Tokyo’s yearend synonym Millenario Project is not present this year, its absence does not quiet down the holiday mood around Tokyo Station. From Christmas Tree decorations to illumination projects on avenues, the city is full of shows of light and various seasonal events.
  Bright Christmas 2006 Marunouchi Building Tree  
Like any other winter, a huge Christmas Tree is brought to the center of Marunouchi Building MARUCUBE hall this year already attracting hundreds of admirers with its dazzling beauty. This Christmas the 8-meter-tall tree is decorated with the base color red, and ornaments designed like pearl and glossy beads accessories.
[Dates] November 17th (Fri) – December 25th (Mon) 2006
[Light-up Hours] 6:00 – 24:30
[Place] Marunouchi Building MARUCUBE
2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Tokyo Station: JR Lines, Tokyo Metro Lines
[Website] http://www.marubiru.jp/04_special/report.html
(Marunouchi Building Official Website Christmas Event Information, Japanese only)
  City of Light Tokyo - LIGHTPIA 2006  
For two weeks until New Year’s Eve, the Marunouchi side of Tokyo Station will turn into a gigantic stage for a spectrum show of light. Based on the theme of “A world of light for people and earth” the whole of Wadakura Bridge, Marunouchi Bldg and New Marunouchi Bldg will be lit up joined by images projected by “City Sphere”.
[Dates] December 15th (Fri) – December 31st (Sun)
[Light-up Hours] 17:00 – 21:00 (-22:00 depending on the site)
[Places] Marunouchi Building, Shinmarunouchi Building, Tokyo Station Marunouchi Plaza, Wadakurabashi Bridge, etc.
[Access] Tokyo Station: JR Lines, Tokyo Metro Lines
  Marunouchi Naka-dori Illumination  
Holiday season in Marunouchi district cannot be talked about counting out illumination on Marunouchi Naka-dori. The avenue connecting Otemachi through Yurakucho is lit up beautifully with a million LED of Marunouchi-original orange and milk white, wrapping the whole area with warmth and holiday excitement. Various events take place this year replacing the absence of Millenario.
[Dates] November 17th (Fri) – February 28th (Wed) 2007
[Light-up Hours] 17:00 – 23:00
[Place] Marunouchi Nakadori, etc.
Nakadori, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Tokyo Station Marunouchi South Exit: JR Lines, Tokyo Metro Lines
[Website] http://www.naka-dori.jp/
(Naka-dori Official Website, Japanese only)
  Tokyo International Forum | Symphony of Light HARMONIA  
The last event of 2006 for the art and convention center Tokyo International Forum is started up with the “Symphony of Light” producing a fabulous spectacle of light. Crystal illumination cover the above ground plaza, and objects of light created by Japan’s 10 leading artists will be displayed in the glass hall creating an illusionary sight.

- Lighting Object… December 8th (Fri) – January 12th (Fri) 2007 / 10:00 – 23:00 / Lobby Gallery Glass Hall Entrance
- Crystal Illumination… December 16th (Sat) – January 15th (Mon) 2007 / above ground plaza
- Handbell Sherry Concert… Dec.16-17 / 16:00 - & 17:00 - / Lobby Gallery / admission free
[Place] Tokyo International Forum
3-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Yurakucho Station: JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
[Website] http://www.t-i-forum.co.jp/english/index.html
(Tokyo International Forum Official Website, English)
Tokyo Tower & Roppongi
  Tokyo Tower  

One of the tallest Christmas trees in Tokyo, a 15-meter-tall real Christmas Tree is brought to in front of the main entrance of the symbol tower of Tokyo, dressed with 15,000 bulbs and wind chime ornaments turning the tree into one big musical instrument. One can get a gorgeous view from down beneath the tower with the bright red tower and the large tree together. From a distance the tower together with objects of light using 25,000 bulbs such as the “light bench for lovers” creates a romantic sight. Commemorating its 10th illumination anniversary, Tokyo Tower offers visitors an even more romantic and warm mood than the past years.

[Dates] November 3rd (Fri) – December 25th (Mon) 2006
[Light-up Hours] 9:00 – 24:00
[Place] Tokyo Tower
4-2-8 Shibakoen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 5-min-walk from Akabanebashi Station Akabanebashi Exit: Toei-Oedo Line
[Website] http://www.tokyotower.co.jp/333/
(Tokyo Tower Official Website, Japanese/ English/ Chinese/ Korean)
  Roppongi Hills ARTELLIGENT CHRISTMAS 2006  
Artelligent Christmas is the most special time of year at Roppongi Hills. Alongside of the illumination at Keyakizaka Street which by now has become one of the winter symbols of Tokyo, the shops, restaurants, theater, observation tower and museum wholly creates a special atmosphere for refined stylish adults.

Keyakizaka Illumination <SNOW & BLUE>
[dates... 11/7 – 12/25 (1/31)light-up hours... 17:00 – 23:00]

66 Plaza Illumination <8 SPARKLING LIGHTS>
[dates... 11/13 – 12/25 (1/31) / light-up hours... 17:00 – 24:00]

Mouri Garden Illumination <Green Santa’s Lights>
[dates... 11/16 – 12/25 (1/31) / light-up hours... 17:00 – 23:00]
Roppongi 2005
>>Photo: Roppongi Illumination 2005
[Dates] November 7th (Tue) – December 25th (Mon) *for Christmas illumination
**illumination will continue until January 31st (Wed) as winter illumination
[Place] Roppongi Hills
6-chome Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Roppongi Station: Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, Toei-Oedo Line
[Website] http://www.roppongihills.com/jp/events/christmas2006.html (Japanese, Christmas 2006)
http://www.roppongihills.com/en/ (English Top)
http://www.roppongihills.com/cn/ (Chinese Top)
http://www.roppongihills.com/kr/ (Korean Top))
  Ginza Namiki-dori Avenue (Main Street)  
126 lime trees embellished in warm illumination on Ginza Namiki-dori add gorgeousness and luxury to the avenue where luxury shops and boutiques line on both sides.

[Dates] – January 15th (Mon) 2007
[Light-up Hours] 16:00 – 24:00
[Place] Ginza Namiki-dori
[Access] Ginza Station B5 exit: Tokyo Metro Ginza / Marunouchi / Hibiya Lines
  Mikimoto Jumbo Christmas Tree  
This year would be the 29th year straight for Ginza’s Christmas symbol Mikimoto Jumbo Christmas Tree to appear in front of one of Japan’s representative pearl jewelry shops Mikimoto. The crystal sound of music box rings in the air of Ginza at certain hours and together the lights on the tree shows beautiful patterns.
[Dates] November 11th (Sat) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 10:00 – 22:00
[Place] Mikimoto Garden Plaza
[Access] Ginza Station A9 exit: Tokyo Metro Ginza/ Marunouchi / Hibiya Line
omotesando akarium
omotesando akarium

A New Space of “Wa” Light

Eight years have passed since the last winter light illuminated the avenue of Omotesando. After the long absence, the most refined and elegant illumination comes back to the town of arts and design.
Starting from December 5th, 60 “akari” towers (height: 6m/ width: 1.2m) made with LED that can show in 16.7 million different colors add soft and harmonious light along the zelcova streets for approximately a kilometer. <Omotesando akarium> creates a soothing and relaxed atmosphere in the Omotesando area with an brand new, innovative light-up event different from the usual winter illumination.
*akari = “glow light” in Japanese language

■Theme: “shooting stars” for Christmas season, “four season” for the yearend. akarium entertains the passerbys with a variety of lights

■Eco Avenue Omotesando: <Omotesando akarium> is a next-generation type of lighting event friendly to the environment

■Green: profits collected through <Omotesando akarium Official Charity Book> will be used for greenery and cleanliness maintenance of the town, partially donated to environmental NPOs

■Events: related-events such as <Omotesando akarium Collection>, a fashion show joined by local fashion boutiques, and <akarium call> in which the 60 “akari” towers change their expressions accordingly to voices will be held during the light-up month.

[Dates] December 5th (Tue) – January 8th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 17:00 – 22:00
(lights on overnight on Dec.31-Jan.1)
[Place] Omotesando Avenue
[Address] 4-12-10 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Access] Omotesando Station: Tokyo Metro Ginza / Hanzomon / Chiyoda Lines
Meiji Jingu-mae Station: Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
Harajuku Station: JR Yamanote Line
[Website] http://akarium.jp/index.html (akarium Official Website, Japanese only)
Ebisu & Daikanyama
  EBISU GARDEN PLACE Christmas Illumination ‘06  
This winter the town of Ebisu is softly wrapped in warm and elegant white light brought by nearly 100,000 incandescent bulbs joined by 7 Christmas trees and not to forget Baccarat’s 250-light world’s largest chandelier. Events such as music lives playing Christmas songs enhance the holiday mood all the more, providing the visitors a rich and peaceful space and time.

<Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS 2006 – 2007>
[Dates] November 3rd (Fri&Hol) – January 14th (Sun), 2006
[Light-up Hours] 12:00 – 23:00
(12:00 – 24:00 on Dec.22 thru Dec.25)
[Place] Ebisu Garden Place Center Plaza
<Christmas Illumination ‘06>
[Dates] November 3rd (Fri&Hol) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 16:00 – 23:00
(16:00 – 24:00 on Dec.22 thru Dec.25)
[Places] outer trees, entrance pavilion, clock square, promenade, center plaza, château plaza
[Location] Ebisu Garden Place
4-20 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 5-min-walk from Ebisu Station: JR Yamanote Line, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
[Places] http://gardenplace.jp/index.html
(Ebisu Garden Place Official Website, Japanese only)
  Daikanyama Address 17dixsept Xmas Illumination  
Daikanyama’s winter symbol, the gorgeous Christmas tree comes back to Daikanyama Address Plaza this time of year. 14 Christmas trees with the tallest 7.5-meter-tree, together with a passage of light illuminated in nearly 80,000 bulbs turn one of the most posh town in Tokyo into an even more high-sense illumination spot. During November 25th through December 25th a Christmas wreath contest will be held decorating the 17dixsept hall in layers of colors and providing the season-unique excitement to the walkers.
[Dates] November 23rd (Thu&hol) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 13:00 – 24:00
[Place] Daikanyama Address Plaza
17-6 Daikanyama Town, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Access] Daikanyama Station: Tokyu Toyoko Line
[Website] http://www.17dixsept.jp/web/
(Daikanyama Address 17dixsept Official Website, Japanese Only)
SHINJUKU Southern Lights 2006 - 2007
Shinjuku Southern Lights first held commemorating the end of 20th century and the opening of 21st century, now celebrates its 7th holding this year. Including the rich variety of figures of light and illumination filling the Shinjuku Southern Terrace and Takashimaya Times Square, the southern side of Shinjuku Station is beautifully decorated providing people a beautiful and comfortable atmosphere.
Shinjuku Southern Lights
[Dates] November 10th (Fri) 2006 – February 14th (Wed) 2007
[Light-up Hours] 17:00 – 24:00 (Dec1-30…16:30- / Dec31-Jan1… 16:30 – 3:00)
[Place] Shinjuku Southern Terrace and Takashimaya Times Square
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from JR Shinjuku Station South / New South Exit: JR Lines, Odakyu Line, Keio Line, Toei Lines, Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
Aqua City Odaiba Hot Christmas
Aqua City Odaiba presents <Aqua City Odaiba Hot Christmas> full of fabulous decoration and exhibition events this Christmas. Riding on the wave of the on-going “Korean Boom” there will be a Korean Star Tree placed in front of the Statue of Liberty as well as presenting a number of stage events to enjoy with the spectacular nightscape of Tokyo Bay and central Tokyo in the background.
[Dates] November 11th (Sat) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 16:00 – 24:00
[Place] Aqua City Odaiba
1-7-1 Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Daiba Station: Yurikamome Line
VenusFort Illumination 06-07 <Aurora Opens the Sky>
As you go through the entrance, the path leads you to the fountain plaza through the wonderful illuminations resembling the twinkle of stars and the glow of the moon. This year’s illumination theme for VenusFort is “Aurora” – richly using white LED and the world’s first developed pink LED, VenusFort welcomes the visitors into a marvelous world of elegance expressed by beautiful gradation of colors and illumination designed in the shapes of laces.
[Dates] November 11th (Sat) – March 18th (Sun) 2007
[Light-up Hours] 12:00 – 22:00
[Place] VenusFort
Palette Town… 1 Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo
[Access] 1-min-walk from Aomi Station: Yurikamome Line
[Website] http://www.venusfort.co.jp/index.html
(Venus Fort Official Website, Japanese)
Winter Vista Illumination
One of the metropolice’s largest parks turns into a paradise of light – the light-up of gingko trees stretching as long as 400 meters and the Light Zoo containing 20 light topiaries of animals are great places to have a walk and take some pictures. In the charged area sits the huge champagne glass tree with about 7,000 champagne glass giving out a breathtaking view.
[Dates] December 8th (Fri) – December 25th (Mon)
[Light-up Hours] 17:00 – 21:00
Fireworks every Saturday and Christmas Eve
[Place] Showa Kinen Koen (Showa Memorial Park)
3173 Midori Town, Tachikawa City, Tokyo
[Access] 3-min-wak from Nishi Tachikawa Station North Exit: JR Chuo-Line
[Website] http://www.showakinenpark.go.jp/2006winter/
(Showa Kinen Park Official Website, Japanese)


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