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Ibaraki Prefecture
Upcoming Events February to March
2/20-3/31 Mito Plum Blossom Festival
Red and white plum blossoms of about 100 breeds and 3,000 trees bloom at once at the end of winter and beginning of spring, and the plum blossoms at Kairakuen have known to be one of the most beautiful and famous for centuries...
Sakura Spots April

Kamine Park | Hitachi City
Kamine Park is a leisure park situating on the hills stretching out from Mt.Kamine. 1,000 cherry trees more than 50 years old grow in this park. From the observatory you can get a grand view of the Pacific Ocean and the mountain range of Abukuma, and there is also an entertainment park. The cherry trees along Heiwa street in the city is also very famous, and the night blossoms attract as many visitors.

Prefectural Guide
Mito Mito Kairakuen
  Mito Kairakuen Garden (photo offered by Mito City)

Mito is known as a city closely connected to the Mito Tokugawa Family, the shogun (general) during the Edo Period.
The historical buildings and sites such as the feudal clan school Koudoukan and Kairakuen, a Japanese Garden made as a relaxation space, look beautiful with the plum blossoms in early spring. You might want to try natto and angler dishes when you visit the city.

You can easily access Ushiku from the metropolitan area by either taking the Joban Line or the National Highway 6. The quiet scenery of the Ushiku Swamp (Ushiku-numa) is so calming that it will make you forget all the worries and fatigue of your everyday life.
Also, there are tourist spots such as Ushiku Daibutsu, the world’s tallest statue of Buddha, and Japan’s one and only genuine wine chateau Chateau Kamiya.


Oarai is the general name for the coastline area facing the Pacific Ocean, and there are a number of historical sites related to the Tokugawa family.
The beach is relatively wide and the water is shallow to a considerable distance from the shore around Oarai Sunbeach and Ajigaura swimming beach, both popular spots for sea-bathing and marine sports. With a water tank of a huge shark, Aquaworld Oarai is another popular place of visit.



Access to Tsukuba from Tokyo has become much easier and faster since the opening of Tsukuba Express in 2005. Besides its face as a university town, Tsukuba is a city with rich nature including Tsukubasan Mountain and much more.
It is an “old and new” city, with year-round traditional and historical events and the latest technology co-residing.


Kita-Ibaraki is also rich in nature with the mountains on one side and the ocean on the other.
The scenic spot Izura Kaigan (coastline) and Hanazono Keikoku (ravine) are especially popular among visitors. A number of hot springs and mineral springs well in the city, and there are many hotels and inns where you can have a relaxing time.
A variety of seafood is served, and the city is especially known for angler.

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