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Hyogo Prefecture
Sakura Spots April

Himeji Castle | Himeji City
Himeji Castle has been known as one of the best castles in Japan, being registered as a national treasure and a World Heritage. It has a grand appearance with the main castle tower and three smaller castle towers built on top of Himeyama mountain. In spring nearly 1,000 cherry trees produce magnificent blossoms as to surround the castle with a blanket of splendid pink.

■Shukugawa Park | Nishinomiya City
Shukugawa River flows on the northern side of Nishinomiya, the land of Nada liquor. Along the banks of Shukugawa, cherry trees stretch out as to arch over the river for as long as 2.5 kilometers. On the upper stream is Kitayama Park which is another famous spot for blossom viewing.

Prefectural Guide


Hyogo is a popular and famous city for its exotic atmosphere and rich variety of gourmet. You can spend the day in the city going shopping the Kobe style, browsing and trying some of the nationwide famous patisserie and bakeries, and making an EATING tour of ethnic cuisine.
The fine water of Arima Onsen hot springs is only half an hour away from the city center.

A visit to Akashi where new trend spots opening up since the opening of Pearl Bridge (Akashi Kaikyo Ohashi) should equally be entertaining.

This city now famous worldwide for the World Heritage Himeji Castle is the biggest city in the West Harima area of Hyogo Prefecture.
The city is full of cultural institutions including a range of art galleries, museums, literature museums and science institutions. In the outskirts of Himeji there is an amusement park where you can enjoy safari attractions and other exciting attractions that make you scream.Those who are interested in Japanese history, go a stretch further to Akoh, the stage of Chushingura and the ruins in Kakogawa.



Takarazuka initially flourished as a hot spring resort, but is rather famous today as the home city of the women’s musical company Takarazuka Revue.
Amagasaki and Nishinomiya, the residential area of people commuting to Kobe and Osaka, still continues to develop as a city of education. Although there are no bustling streets and flashy stores in these areas, there are shops and restaurants that stubbornly stick to the local neighborhood which they have built strong bonds with.


Mountains surround on three sides and Otanigawa River flows through the center of Kinosaki City. Rows of willow and cherry trees stand along the stream of Otanigawa, and the river walls made of layers of basalt and traditional style stone arched bridges create a nostalgic atmosphere of the hot spring resort. There are many hotels with history, old temples and basalt caves you can explore in this city.


Access to Awajishima Island has become much easier thanks to the completion of Pearl Bridge and Naruto Ohashi, and the island is now directly connected with the mainland and Shikoku. Awajishima is an island of flowers, particularly lavender, rape blossoms and narcissus.
Just take a drive along the coast feeling the sea breeze and viewing the astonishing scenery of the nature in the area.

Annual Events
Mayamoude | Kobe Gion Festival | Danjiri Festival | Himeji Castle Festival
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