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Hokkaido Prefecture
Upcoming Events April
4/14-15 Kuriyama Shinise Festival
For just once a year the sake brewery will be opened to the public enabling visitors to have a tour around the sake-making house. The festival prepares a number of sake of the newest brew, including 4 kinds that are only available at...
Sakura Spots April - May
Fort Goryokaku | Hakodate City
Goryokaku, as its name tells, is a fort with five points and is made in a star shape. It is the first western style fort built by the Tokugawa Shogunate as the defense base agains northern power. 2,600 cherry trees of various kinds planted in the Taisho Period put on flowers one after another and entertain the visitors.

■Matsumae Park
| Matsumae Town
This park was made on the site of former Matsumae Castle. The sea of cherry trees is said to have begun with the trees brought from many places in Japan at times of alternate attendance. Today 8,000 cherry trees in about 250 kinds becomes in full bloom in spring. There is also a museum and a sample garden where you can see new kinds of cherry trees.
Matsumae Park is one of the prominent spots to view the best night blossoms in Hokkaido.
Foliage Spots September - October
■Lake Akanko | Akan Town
Akanko located in the east of Hokkaido is a river-formed lake with beautiful clear blue water. Except for the southern side of the lake, human untouched nature spreads around the 26km-long lakeshore. The leaves start to change colors in latter September and October is the best time to enjoy beautiful leaves. The Spherical Moss Festival is held during Oct 8-10 with the purpose of bringing back spherical moss that had been taken from the lake. On the southern side of the lake locates Akanko Hot Springs, which is the center of transportation and lake cruise, as well as being a good hot spring resort. Other outdoor leisures can be enjoyed such as camping and skiing, and there is also a place where you can see Ainu (indigenous people) dancing.
Prefectural Guide


Sapporo is a city filled with many features such as the various historical architectures, the rows of poplar and acacia trees, delicious food and others.
The main street Susukino is a gourmet zone where dozens of local products gather and where many food stands/ restaurants/ stores offer a variety of Hokkaido dishes.
The famous ramen noodles are even acknowledged as a Hokkaido Heritage, and many ramen stores compete in their tastes.

Noboribetsu is another well-known district of hot springs.
It is not too much to say that it is the leading hot spring in Hokkaido, for you can enjoy a range of different water qualities in this district. The highlights include rich nature as seen in Jigokudani (hell’s canyon) and swamps where hot water spring, as well as amusement parks where kids can also have fun.


Niseko is a general name for the entire area covering Niseko Mountain range, and the skirts of Yoteizan and Kutchan.
Besides the hiking courses that go around lakes and swamps of Shinsen-numa and Naga-numa, there are many hot springs and resort hotels.
There is a wide range of outdoor activity workshops offered around the three big ski slopes.



The stone-made Renaissance architecture, merchant houses with reminiscence of Taisho romanticism and the groups of storage houses along the canal give you a nostalgic feeling in this city.
Many tourists visit the city throughout the year for glass crafts and music boxes on one hand and delicious sushi on the other.


On the shores of Lake Toya there are two hot springs, Toyako-Onsen and Sobetsu-Onsen, and more than 40 hotels in Japanese and Western styles welcome travelers to Toya.
There are lots to see and do in Toya such as lake cruising, fireworks, going to the monument park, and cycling on a rent-a-cycle and so on.
On the southern side of the lake stands Usuzan which still emits volcanic fumes.

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