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Gunma Prefecture
Upcoming Events March
3/24-5/13 World's Number One Koinobori Festival
More than 5,000 koinobori (cloth carp) swims the sky of Tatebayashi City at four venues. The city and the festival had been approved as World Guinness Record in 2005 with a total of 5,283 carps streaming in the wind. The main...
Sakura Spots April

Mt.Myogi | Myogi Town
Mt.Myogi sits on the borders of Gunma and Nagano Prefectures. It is an area of weathered rocky peaks and is counted as one of the Three Great Places of Rare Scenic Beauty. On the western foot of the mountain lays Sakura-no-sato where 15,000 cherry trees of about 50 kinds are planted since 1978 and show brilliant beauty during blossoming season. >> more

Foliage Spots October

Mt.Myogi | Myogi Town
Mt.Myougisan is located in the west of Gunma prefecture, and if you go as high as Myougi Shrine you can get a grand view of the Kanto Plain. It is also counted as one of Japan's Three Rare Scenic Beauties, and the rough rock surface eroded by wind and rain is very impressive. The Myougi Road running 15km long from Myougi Shrine to Sakura no Sato is also know by the name of Myougi Autumn Leaves Line, and beautiful fall leaves surround you as you take a drive. The rocks with rare shapes each have names.

Hot Springs All Year Round

Kusatsu Onsen | Kusatsu Town
Surrounding Kusatsu’s top specialty Yubatake natural spring, approximately 170 hotels and inns from the traditional wooden architecture to modern multistory resort type hotels await visitors to the onsen town. Boasting the largest volume of natural spring water in Japan, Kusatsu provides its abundant and extremely hot water to not only the accommodation facilities but to public baths and day-trip hot spring facilities as well, enabling all kinds of travelers to enjoy bathing in their respective ways. >> more
Prefectural Guide

Kusatsu Hot Springs

Many streets of hot spring facilities and hotels, inns spread out through the tasteful city of Kusatsu. Besides the hot springs, you can take pleasure in visiting cultural monuments and taking a historical walk through the hot spring museums (Onsen shiryokan), Balz Museum (Balz kinenkan), Kusatsu Yubatake, Nishi-no-kawara, Ohtaki-no-yu, Kohsenji and Shirane Shrine (Shirane Jinja).


Ikaho Hot Springs (Ikaho-Onsen)
The symbol of this hot spring area is the town along the stone steps which has been loved by people from the ancient times.
An air with a hint of Taisho romanticism fills the town and somehow gives you a nostalgic feeling.
A nice slow walk along the stone town is recommended.

Minakami Hot Springs (Minakami-Onsen)

The discovery of the Minakami hot springs is told to be around the 16th century during an age of war and feudalism.
This area is one of the representative hot springs of Gunma together with Kusatsu and Ikaho.
In the middle of the hot spring city flows Tonegawa River, and places such as Suwakyo where there are many odd rocks, and the lighted-up Minakamikyo are famous places of visit.

A walk along the 2.5-kilometer-long Tonegawa promenade as well as inside the city will be even more tasteful with a yukata and geta.


The 1,977-meter-high Tanigawadake forms Ichinokurasawadake, Shigekuradake and Bunohdake in the north, and forms the Tanigawa-Rempo in the west alongside of Ojikasawa-no-atama, Mantaroyama, Sen-no-kurayama and Tairappyohyama.

Tanigawadake is becoming popular among the middle to higher generations and common hikers, for there are courses that easily take you to the peak using a ropeway.


Oze is a ranch centering around Ozenuma (swamp) and Ozegahara, and is surrounded by grand mountains. It is registered as a national natural monument.
Photograph by Gunma Tourist Association
Annual Festivals and Events
Kusatsu Candle Hinamatsuri | Sekaiichi Koinobori | Maebashi Tanabata Festival | Onishi Summer Festival | Numata Festival | Kiryu Yagibushi Festival
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