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Gifu Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

Kamagadani | Ikeda Town
Kamagadani has been known for its Yamazakura and Higanzakura for a long time. The valley was named Kamagadani, for from a distance the valley looks like it has haze when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom. A few thousand cherry trees growing along the street at the foot of Mt.Ikeda are rich in color and are wild. Kamagadani has been registered scenic beauty and national natural monument in 1928, and as 100 best cherry blossoms in 1989.
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Gero Hot springs (Gero Onsen)

Being the largest hot spring area in Gifu Prefecture, Gero hot springs surrounded by Hida mountain range is one of the Three Grand Hot Springs alongside of Kusatsu and Arima.

The springs are alkaline and have effects on beautifying skin.
There are about 50 hotels from traditional Japanese style to resort hotel types standing in the valleys where Hida River flows.
In the neighboring areas, there are many spots in which you can enjoy the nature, such as Hida-osaka, Gandatekyo, and Yokoyakyo where a magnificent landscape of three waterfalls and autumn leaves spreads out.


Oku-Hida Hot Springs District
(Oku-Hida Onsenkyo)
The Oku-Hida Hot Springs District is located at the foot of the Northern Alps.
The area is consisted of five major hot spring areas including Hirakata, Shinhirakata, Fukuji, Tochio and Shinhotaka, and the district is filled with warmhearted air and scene of the old days with thatch-roofed houses and inns. The hot springs and the seasonal beauty of the nature such as the fresh green, autumn leaves and snow scenery will promise you a leisurely and soothing time.


The Old Town is consisted of three areas: the center of the castle town and Kanomachi/ Shitamachi, the two towns that developed as commercial towns.

In the Old Town, old-fashioned town houses and old-established stores stand along the streets, with irrigation water running beneath the eaves with unique latticework, and sakabayashi, a ball made of cedar leaves which is also known as a sign, hanging from the eaves of tsukurizakaya (sake brewery)..


Kinkazan where Gifu Castle, the base castle for Oda Nobunaga, and Nagara River famous for the ukai (cormorant fishing) are both located in the Mino area.
The northern side is full of scenic beauty of cherry blossoms and autumn leaves, contains villages with rich green such as Neomura and Itadorimura, and has full outdoor facilities including camping grounds.


Shirakawago, an area registered as UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage in 1995, is formed with approximately 110 traditional houses which are both functional and scenically beautiful.
Although the village is calm, the village is full of seasonal highlights throughout the year, and you can have a picturesque sight all year round, such as the cherry blossoms in spring and snow scene in winter. In addition, traditional village festivities and rituals are still hosted today, for example, planting of rice and bon-odori (summer dancing festival) and also gives taste to the scene.

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