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Fukushima Prefecture
Sakura Spots April - May

Tsurugajo Park | Aizu-Wakamatsu City
Tsurugajo Castle, the symbol of Aizu Wakamatsu City, had been built about 600 years ago and fell at the Boshin War. In the castle grounds there are about 1,000 cherry trees planted mostly Someiyoshino. The blossoms are lit up at night during blossoming season and attracts many visitors night and day.

■Dake-Onsen Kagamigaike | Nihonmatsu City
Dake-Onsen Kagamigaike is located on the entrance of Dake-Onsen, a hot spring welling up on the eastern foot of vast Mt.Adatara. Swans float on the surface of the pond and the color of the cherry blossoms on the lakeshore is truly elegant. There are other old hot springs and a birdland nearby, where hikers to Mt.Adatara stop by often.

Prefectural Guide

Bandaisan/Inawashiroko area

This area having Bandaisan Mountain and Lake Inawashiro, a lake of best water quality and fourth area in Japan, close to each other is a great resort area where you can enjoy marine sports during the summertime and snow sports during winter.


Sightseeing in Aizu Wakamatsu City
Aizu Wakamatsu is a city known for the tragedy of Byakkotai during the Meiji restoration period.

It is a city where you can visit around some historical sites starting with Tsurugajo, and also a city of gourmet which lasted from the time of bushi warriors.

Iwaki City and around

THaving Onahamako, one of the biggest ports of Tohoku area, it is now the season of crabs and anko fish.

Also, the Iwaki Yumoto Onsen, one of the three old hot springs in Japan, is situated in this city, and you can have a pleasant time at the hot spring leisure complex Spa Resort Hawaiians where the air is tropical throughout the year.

Takizakura in Miharuchō/ Hanamiyama Park
(Hanamiyama Koen) in Fukushima City


There are many famous flower sights such as the one of three Grand Cherry Blossoms of Japan, Takizakura, and Hanamiyama Park which is also known to have the reputation of being an earthly paradise.

Takizakura in Miharuchō


Oze is a renowned marsh designated as a national natural monument.
Many hikers attracted to the marsh plants and flowers such as Japanese skunk cabbage and day lilies visit the marsh every year.

Shimogomachi (Ouchijuku)

Being an old post town of Aizu-Nishi-highway, there are many houses with thatched-roof along the street, and keeps the image of Japan in the old days.
Annual Events
Aizu Art Candle Festival | Aizu Tajima Gion | Souma Nomaoi
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