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Fukuoka Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

Nishi Park | Fukuoka City
Nishi Park is known to be the best place for cherry blossom-viewing and the 1,400 trees include many kinds such as Someiyoshino, Yamazakura, Oshimazakura, Shidarezakura and Yaezakura. From the Aratsu Observatory sticking out to Hakata Bay, you can get a spectacular view not only of the cherry blossoms but also oceanviews of Genkainada and Umino Nakamichi ('Umi-naka' a huge sand reef). Cherry blossoms in a flourishing town have a unique taste.

■Kokura Castle | Kitakyushu City
The current 4-story-5-layered castle tower standing on top of the high stonewalls in the middle of the ciry was restored in 1959. The surrounding area is Katsuyama Park, a popular recreation and relaxation area for local people. The number of cherry trees is rather small, as there are only about 200 of them, but they brilliantly color up the park in full blossoming season.

Prefectural Guide

Fukuoka (Hakata area)

Bases of major transportations to Fukuoka gather around Hakata such as Fukuoka Airport and the bullet train terminal, and this area plays an important role as the entrance to Kyushu. Tour boats cruising around Hakata Bay also depart and arrive from Hakata, and the neon lights of Kyushu’s largest red light district Nakasu is famous nationwide.

Fukuoka (Tenjin area)

The heart of Fukuoka, Tenjin is a commercial district of business, fashion and gourmet.
The scenery of street stalls opening at the foot of the business buildings in the evenings is very famous. Having a small tour around the stalls will be interesting, for you will discover different tastes and characteristics in each stall.
Fukuoka is also the home ground of a professional baseball team, and Momochihama where the landmarks of Fukuoka such as Fukuoka Dome, Fukuoka Tower and Hawks Town concentrate, is a popular seaside area not only among baseball lovers but also romantic lovers.



Dazaifu is located southeast to Fukuoka City, and is a cultural and historical city including prominent sites such as ruins of the National Special Historic Site Old Dazaifu Government Bldg. and Dazaifu Tenmangu (shrine), also Kamado Shrine, a shrine renowned for matchmaking.
In the southwest of the city situates Futsukaichi Onsen hot spring resort.
To appreciate the astounding view of the nature, take a trip to Chikushiyabakei valley, one of the best spots in Kyusyu for scenic beauty in the lower stream area of the dam in Nakagawamachi.


The entrance city connecting Kyushu and Honshu (mainland), Kitakyushu is a large area covering northeast Fukuoka Pref., Moji district, Kokuura, Tobata, Yahata, Kurosaki and Wakamatsu areas. Kokura area, the center of Kitakyushu is now becoming more and more activated along with the renewal of the station. There are many spots you can’t miss such as Retro Town Mojiko where western style mansions from Meiji to Taisho Period (late 19C-early 20C) spread out, and the world’s first theme park on Space, Space World.


With Kyushu’s biggest river Chikugogawa flowing through the city, Kurume is the central city of the Chikugo district.
Neighboring areas particularly Ukiha and Tanushimaru are famous for fruits and there are a number of fruit farms you can visit. Kurume is also known for the inexpensive gourmet especially Kurume ramen noodles.

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