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Chiba Prefecture
Sakura Spots March - April

■Naritasan | Narita City
This park is spreads out around Naritasan Shinshoji, a temple on the southern bank of mid-stream Tone River flowing through northern Chiba. Many visitors to Shinshoji come around to view the cherry blossoms after paying a visit to the temple. There are ponds and waterfalls in the park, and plum blossoms and azalea flowers as well as cherry blossoms.

■Konzoji Temple | Funabashi City
Konzoji Temple belongs to the Shingon sect, and is located on the west of Takifudo Station. It is also called Takifudo and the statue of Fudo-Myouoh is enshrined here. The surrounding area is natural park where many people come to see the cherry blossoms of 200 Someiyoshino trees in spring.

Prefectural Guide

Yoro Valleys (Yoro Keikoku)
Yoro Valleys are located along the upper stream of Yoro river, which starts from the Kiyosumi mountain range.
Being a treasury of Boso peninsula’s largest hot springs, rich nature and natural beauty as found in Kurimata-no-taki, Boso peninsula’s biggest waterfall, and so on.

Here you can enjoy seasonal activities such as outing on the riverside, fishing, camping, red leaves, hiking, winter outdoor hot springs and have nabe dishes (pot dishes) to your heart’s content.

Naritasan (Shinshōji and entrance path)

This mountain is a place where the Buddhist temple Naritasan Shinshōji had been placed more than a thousand year ago, and was founded as Naritasan.
The area has developed as a temple gate town from a long time ago, and in the northern part you will find Naritayama Park (naritayama Kōen), a vast garden on the backside of Shinshōji main temple with an area of 165,000 square meters.

On the entrance path, diverse seasonal events are held throughout the year.

Nokogiriyama (including Nihonji)

Nokogiriyama is on the western edge of Kiyosumi mountains and stands on the boundary of Futtsu City and Kyonanmachi.
The range from the peak to the skirts falls straight down to the ocean.
You can climb up to the 329.5 meter-high peak either on foot or with a ropeway, and from the observatory on top of the mountain you can have a 360 degree panorama, with Miura peninsula, Izu peninsula, Mount Fuji and Chichibu mountains well in sight.
There is also the “peep at hell”, where you can look down from the edge of the precipice to the stone quarry, and a restaurant which is also an observatory.

On the hillside of Nokogiriyama, you will find Nihonji temple with stone Buddhist-work such as Japan’s largest Daibutsu statue, Hyakushaku-Kannon (a 30.3-meter-high Kannon sculpture carved in rock surface), the 1500 Rakkan (Buddhist saints) in its area, which is also called a “natural museum”.

Winter and early spring flowers in Tateyama, Shirahama,
Chikura (southern Boso)

Oze is a ranch centering around Ozenuma (swamp) and Ozegahara, and is surrounded by grand mountains. It is registered as a national natural monument.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Tokyo Disneyland is filled with many people through the year - there is no off-season here.
Both adults and children enjoy the fun in Tokyo Disneyland.
Tokyo Disneyland is located in Urayasu, Chiba.
It is right outside of Tokyo.
The best way to get there is by taking the JR Keiyo line train from Tokyo to Maihama station. Then it is only a 10 min. walk from Maihama station to Tokyo Disneyland.

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