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Aomori Prefecture
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Sakura Spots April

■Hirosaki Park | Hirosaki City

The cherry trees of Hirosaki Park is said to have been ordered far away from Kyoto. 5,000 cherry trees including Someiyoshino, weeping cherry tree (Shidarezakura) and double-flowered cherry tree (Yaezakura) fill up the park surrounding the main castle tower of Hirosaki Castle, and during the blossoming season many people flood in day and night to have one look at the blossoms.     >> more

Foliage Spots October

■Oirase Ravine | Towada Town
Oirase Keikoku is a 14-km long ravine that stretches along part of Oirase River, a River flowing out from Lake Towadako and into the Pacific Ocean. There is a nice promenade built along the ravine and the area unveils its beauty with gorgeous red and gold leaves in fall. Early summer is also a good time to visit, for the fern and fresh green show gardenlike beauty in June. Several waterfalls scatter here and there in the ravine. Walking takes about 4 hrs for the 14km course, and 2.5hrs for the 8.9km course which is more popular. Be sure to walk from lower stream towards upper stream to get the best view of autumn leaves.     >> more
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Many western-style buildings stand along the streets and enhance the city with a retro atmosphere.

The city’s castle Hirosakijo is one of the seven major castles in Japan, and is widely known for its beautiful cherry blossoms.

In the spring time, many people visit to join the Hirosaki Cherry Blossom Festival.

The 50,000ha-wide Sannnai-Maruyama ruins are located in this city, and have now become a very famous and popular place to visit.
But more than anything else, you can’t miss the Nebuta Summer Festival, a huge festival which powerful drumbeats and vehement dances stir not only local participants but also tourists with excitement and heats up the entire city.

Towada Lake (Towadako)

The deep indigo blue of the lake and the gracious seasonal expressions of the surrounding mountains just grasp the hearts of visitors to this lake. By the lake stands The Statues of Maidens (Otome-no-zo), the symbol of Towadako and also the last sculpture of the famous Japanese artist Takamura Kotaro.
The 14-km-long Oirase mountain torrent, one of the most renowned stream sceneries in Japan flows into this lake.

The rich nature assures you a luxurious yet a tranquil time by the lake.

Oirase Ravine

Tsugaru Peninsula

There are many parks and museums in this area that you can visit, such as Tappi Windpark known for the windmills, Seikan Tunnel Museum (museum for the longest undersea tunnel in the world), and a camping site right on the edge of a cliff.

Also, the Tsugaru-jamisen Hall has recently been completed in the town of Kanagicho, the origin of Tsugaru-jamisen (a three-stringed musical instrument).


Having one of the leading fishing ports in Japan, Hachinohe is a city rich in fish markets and seafood dishes.

There is a variety of seafood you may want to try here. Also, there are places known for scenic beauty such as Tanesashi coastline where natural grass grows, and Kaburashima, a natural monument-registered area known as the breeding grounds of black-tailed gulls.
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Hachinohe Emburi | Towadako Festival | Hachinohe Sansha Grand Festival | Hirosaki Neputa |
Aomori Nebuta
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