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Akita Prefecture
Upcoming Events April - May

3/24 New Fireworks Collection 2007 (Shinsaku Hanabi Collection 2007)
Young fireworks craftspeople are invited from all over Japan to show off their new designs and skills. The Collection will be focused on the competition of the smaller shells (10 shells 4-gou-dama and 5 shells of 5-gou-dama) which are said to require more skills than the larger ones...

Sakura Spots April - May

â– Bukeyashiki Street | Kakunodate City
Still having the townscape of warrior houses from centuries ago, Kakunodate is a town where one of the branch domains of Satake Domain was placed. The weeping cherry trees growing in each warrior houses were transplanted from Kyoto in Edo Period, and now about 400 trees drape their branches to boast off their splendid blossoms.

â– Ichimanbon Sakura Park | Odate City
Odate City is famous as the place where Akita Inu (a kind of a dog) was born. In the park there are about 10,000 cherry trees in more than 22 different kinds including Someiyoshino and Beniyamazakura. Because there are so many kinds of cherry trees, you can enjoy the blossoms until late May. Even a little walk in this hill-like park is nice and relaxing.

Prefectural Guide

Akita City

Akita has many places to visit such as Kanto Festival which offers Gohei (cut paper) to the spirits and is one of the big three Tohoku region festivals, "Red Brick (Aka Renga) Museum" which was designated as a cultural asset of national importance, and "Akita public market" where you can feel gusto all the time.
You can eat regional food at Kawabata area like Kiritanpo (grilled knead rice), Shottsuru(soup with salted pickled fish), Iburigakko (smoked then pickled white raddish).
Also "National fireworks competition" is famous as the biggest event in summer.

Famous Edo period castle town and a birth place of Hachiko story (Story of loyal dog; Hachiko) are here. There are many unique nothern region festivities throughout years and Mage Wappa (traditional art) with charmful grain of wood is also famous.


Oga is famous for Namahage tradition which visits each houses on New Year's eve asking any crying children. Penninsula area is famous for delicous seafood dish because of its fortuate location where three directions are surrounded by ocean. Mecca for Bass fishing; Hachiro-lake is also located in Oga.


Tazawa Lake(Tazawako)

Tazawa-lake is the deepest lake with 423.4m deep in Japan. There are boats, bath houses, leasure area, yacht harbors available.


Kakunodate is famous for the street with many samurai houses with weeping cherry trees which make it often being called as Nothern small Kyoto. This town has art museums, historical village and nostalgic elegance in the air.
Annual Events
Odate Amekko-ichi | New Fireworks Collection | Kabuki Ohshibai | Ohdaiko Matsuri | Akita Kanto Festival | All Japan Fireworks Competition
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