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Ad Policy
Japan Mode (JMODE.COM) does not represent or otherwise endorse any of the individuals, companies or organizations who may advertise on the website Japan Mode (http://www.jmode.com/). All liability for false or misleading advertising claims or problems associated with a transaction made with an advertiser on the site lies with the advertiser.
Japan Mode reserves the right to edit any advertising information received according to our editorial needs. Japan Mode will not edit advertising materials in a manner that would make it misleading or that would fundamentally alter the accuracy or intent of the original information. All times, editorial changes will be confirmed with the advertiser before publication.
Advertisements will be published as soon as possible, yet this does not mean that they will be published immediately after the request. Advertisers are therefore advised to deliver advertising materials well in advance.
Charges go by months, 1 month at the minimum and 12 months at the maximum. Dates will be counted from the first day of the publication Japan Standard Time, and not from the day the materials are delivered.
Japan Mode reserves the right to refuse to accept advertising from any source, including sites that provide content which we consider adult, racist, violent, or otherwise questionable. Porn, Hentai, Meeting, Adult sites are considered inappropriate to advertise on Japan Mode. Japan Mode is a website for general audience including young children.
Japan Mode does not provide information about its individual users to advertisers. Advertisers may, however, gather information about visitors by direct solicitation such as use of forms or clickable links through their advertisements on Japan Mode. Once a user has clicked an advertisement link it must follow and not be redirected to another site other then the link provided and purchased.
For advertisers outside of Japan, payments are made in US Dollars through PayPal (see website: http://www.paypal.com) a secure online payment system. Over 86 million members in 103 countries and regions use the world’s largest online payment system with an e-mail address. An online registration will be preferred – it is simple, secure, and fast. After contacting Japan Mode, an invoice will be sent to the advertiser with payment details.
Bank transfers are also available for advertisers in Japan. Please choose either method when contacting Japan Mode.

By purchasing advertisement space, advertisers are deemed to have agreed with the above advertising policy. Please contact Japan Mode Webmaster if you have agreed with all the statements above and wish to proceed with advertising on Japan Mode.
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