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- Trend Press vol.4 -
Ladies Fashion Spring 2007
Retro Futurism
Background Information: Winter Fashion 2006 “60s Actress Style”

Femininity in ladies fashion has always been a key term in one way or another be it fresh activeness, sexiness, girlishness or young ladylikeness. For winter fashion 2006 it was mature and graceful womenlikeness who aren’t just crazy about appearance but has the mature aura.

Whereas the fashion theme for winter 2005 stressed Victorian and Edwardian femininity through rich laces and frills, the theme for winter 2006 focused on refinement of taking away any extra elements. Hence, the major characteristics of the “60s Actress” style include richness, grace, appealing-ness, maturity and feminine-ness, yet not necessarily too calm and somewhat mannish. This style continues into this season developing into a revival of 80s fashion.  
"Retro Futurism" – the fashion trend for young ladies this season embraces a lot of traces of the fashion perhaps the generation of their mothers are familiar with. Features of the late 20th century actress look that started to come into 21st century fashion the past winter blooms at once widening the variation. Major elements include the large details from buttons, belts and ribbons, flared or fluffy hemline, emphasis on elegant ladylikeness, large geometric or flower prints in rather vivid and distinctive colors. Though they may be a revival of the ladies fashion a couple of decades ago new tastes are added making the looks not completely a comeback but a neo style.

Key Terms – A-line, cache coeur, lace, chiffon, frills, flower prints, satin, puff sleeves, soft, fluffy silhouette, pastel colors, vivid colors, shiny colors, blouse, tunic, retro prints, geometric prints, baggy, balloon, etc.

a single-piece dress that covers from one’s shoulders down to the thighs

Dresses continue to lead the ladies fashion scene encompassing many of the fashion styles from street casual, feminine to cool mode. The key characteristic for dresses this season is definitely the prints, taking in 60s-80s retro designs including stripes, geometric, optical, large flower prints in distinct and vivid colors for the mode, and relatively small flower prints in softer colors for the girlish casual.
The mainstream length of the dresses – in fact not only dresses but also for most of the fashion items – is short or mini, which enables this-year-like fashion when coordinated with leggings. In addition to the A-line silhouette that was popular in winter coats, short dresses (mini-onepiece) with barrel silhouette joins the spring dress style. Chiffon and jersey fabrics allow them to look feminine with empire cut and drape skirts.
any kind of shirt covering the length of shoulders to hip at the longest, excluding sweaters and sweatshirts

Blouses that have sleeves with volume like puff and bell are back this spring from street to office. They give a good feminine look, even more so when combined with recently popular wide ribbons and bow ties. A tops item as popular as blouses are tunics, which are available in various materials, designs and length allowing them to be enjoyed with a wider variation of bottoms than do blouses. Tunics also have ribbons, bow ties, laces and frills to add more soft womanliness to the appearance. Tops with border prints (thin and thick) continue to stay in the fashion scene.
includes sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, coats, blazers

Spring jackets and coats this year have laces and ribbons. The popularity of these two points is so visible because there are people who attach laces and ribbons to the jackets they already own. The reason for this style to spread so much is probably because it enhances elegant womanliness, which is the general trend this season. The other characteristic point about jackets and coats this year is the length. Length overall this season tends to be on the shorter side except for inners, and the jackets and coats too are short with 3/4 length slightly flared or frilled sleeves and body coming down only to around the waist and not to the hip. A lot of the outers this season including trench coats that have already become a fashion staple, have large buttons, a rather wide belt strapped around the waist and/or ribbons.

New kinds of jacket joining the street fashion scene this season are collarless jackets, quite a number of them having a round cute button as a one-point accent near the neck. Collarless jackets allow coordinate with a selection of inners as well as enjoying large-piece neck accessories that have become must-haves over the past year.
pants and skirts

As compared to winter, skirts are enjoyed more during spring naturally for the weather is warmer, and the variation of trendy skirts widen to several designs. Balloon skirts can be seen quite commonly nowadays on the streets and the style remains the one of the bottoms mainstream this season as well. Equally an essential bottoms item are mini skirts many times worn together with leggings like this past winter. Pleated skirts in different length and width are also new hot items as well as cocoon skirts that make the waistline look slenderer.

Skinny-ism in pants remain more or less as they make good coordination with all kinds of shoes, but hotter are short pants that have quickly become a very popular item during winter. Whereas many of the winter short pants had relatively long length (as called sometimes half pants) though still short, and were worn rather casually, spring short pants are referred to as “more short” (a Japan-coined fashion term meaning “shorter”) and can also be worn elegantly as they are made of different materials with center pleats and accessories like ribbons and belts.

Trendy shoes this season include wedge sole, thick heels, round toes (aka ballet shoes or flat shoes) and enamel pumps for they match well the relatively voluminous clothing. Spring boots are also on the shelves but to fully enjoy spring fashion the hottest types are most definitely flat shoes and enamel pumps.

Flat, ballet-like shoes appeared in the Japanese fashion scene a couple of springs ago and continue to be very popular. They go along well especially with girly, soft outfit like blouses and tunics mentioned in the tops/inners section and dresses of light material. Design trends are those that have ribbons, fairly conspicuous thick stitches and/or prints.

Shoes and sandals with thick soles and heels namely wedge shoes have been, like flat round toe shoes, one of the hot footwear this past couple of years and will continue to be so. New releases this year ones with prints and ankle straps in numerous materials.

The hottest of all this season are perhaps the enamel pumps in vivid colors covering black, red, yellow, orange, pale blue and more. Designs vary from square-toe, open-toe, wedge, etc. that can be worn together with all kinds of clothes. The biggest reason for enamel pumps to be cast spotlight again is the general fashion trend of retro-futurism which features distinctive patterns and colors.

Like shoes, enamel bags – a continuance from the winter’s trend – are fashionable this spring, especially in big sizes (editor’s bags). If not enamel, the materials can also be satin or vinyl-coated as long as they enhance shininess.

vivid colors: green, blue, yellow, black, red, etc.
this year’s specialty: combining the above colors with silver or light gray
accessories: shiny colors such as gold and silver

There is a silent rumor that arm warmers would become a trend item. They come in handy at this time of year when the season shifts but does not get exactly warm yet.