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- Trend Press vol.3 -
Ladies Fashion Winter 2006
Fashion trend in Japan whirls at a super-fast speed and though the newest mode may be more or less a follow-on from the previous, each season has its unique style and theme that generally covers the entire fashion scene from pop casual, feminine to cool and mature styles.
CONTROL the VOLUME – winter clothing, because of the cold temperature, tends to become round and fluffy and yes, that could be one charm, but not for the Japanese fashionistas this year. Retaining the skinny-ism that dominated last season, winter 2006 fashion invites winter specialties to join in the fashion scene enabling a wide variation of “volume coordinate” to enjoy.
Theme: Classic Feminine & Luxury
Background Information: Autumn Fashion 2006 “Ojohsan”
 “Ojohsan” style or in other words “Classic Feminine & Luxury” was the key term for fashion autumn fashion this year. The term “ojohsan” itself literally means “young lady” used to describe girls as young as toddlers to as old as twenties. It is also a term to refer to somebody else’s daughter in a polite manner. In many cases the term denotes daughters from genteel upbringing. In this sense, it is similar to the English term lady or the French mademoiselle.
As concerns with fashion, “ojohsan” fashion had been associated with the princess-like pretty and feminine outfit (not to be confused with gothic/lolita, however) with light pastel colors, lace, frills, soft fabric not too showy yet not plain either (see fashion brand search).

The “ojosan” fashion in the trend this autumn, however, has a bit different style. As referred to as Modern Audrey, 80s Elegance, Girl Chic or Older Cutie in several fashion magazines, the girly style this season is somewhat of a revival of the 1980s fashion. This includes the Victorian style catching on last year, as well as the comeback of soft and roundish feminine silhouette. Although this fashion theme presents itself to be girlish and cute rather than active and cool, it still claims to retain mature-ness and sharpness of adult women, cutting out the somewhat childish image of the term.

Deriving from this style is this winter’s theme “60s Actress Style”. Certainly, “ojohsan” is still in the mainstream but as ideas of elegance and classiness developed, the trend shifted from young ladylike prettiness to mature and graceful women who aren’t just crazy about appearance but has the mature aura. Whereas the fashion theme for winter 2005 stressed Victorian and Edwardian femininity through rich laces and frills, the theme for winter 2006 focuses on refinement of taking away any extra elements. Hence, the major characteristics of the “60s Actress” style include richness, grace, appealing-ness, maturity and feminine-ness, yet not necessarily too calm and somewhat mannish.
a single-piece dress that covers from one’s shoulders down to her thighs

Dresses have been enjoying a high status in the fashion scene from spring this year and it seems like it continues to do so this winter as well. Those with balloon or puff sleeves, balloon skirts, empire line dresses with soft fabric such as chiffon tend to be popular as they project femininity, cuteness and softness. Along with the dropping of air temperature knit dresses too are increasing in the streets in various designs from balloon to A-line. As winter deepens more and more combinations with V-cut empire line dresses layered over turtleneck sweaters are expected to increase.
heavyweight button/zip-down knit cardigan sweaters that are longer than one’s waist, usually mid-thigh-long to knee-long

As compared to the winter must-haves last year, designs for long cardigans this winter vary as much as dresses but the most popular looks like those knitted in mid to low gauge in A-line silhouette. Some having hoods and more having thick belts usually tied behind the back, this year’s cardigans are more worn in place of thin coats. The popularity comes from the good matching with skinny style bottoms (pants, leggings) as well as long boots.
Short Pants & Mini Skirts GIRLINESS
pants and skirts that are shorter than one’s knees

Bermuda pants became increasingly popular in the past couple of years especially during the warmer seasons, and knee-length skirts are always women’s must-haves. Nevertheless, it is the first time in the past several years for pants and skirts as short as this year’s to come into the fashion scene combined with leggings of all designs (side note: when something similar to leggings came out the last time they were called “spat(t)s” and were much limited in designs). Although mini skirts are mostly worn together with leggings or tights, short pants this season tend to be more popular with knee socks showing a bit of bare skin and the top part of the socks. Skirts with pleats, box pleats and tartan check are also in the trend.
all shoes that covers from one’s toes to above ankles save high-cut sneakers

One of the main features of winter fashion this year are thick, low heeled boots such as riding boots and Western boots. Western boots started to gain popularity last winter but solid jockey boots are new to the ladies fashion scene. These boots, with mannish impression at a glance, are in fact viewed as chic, classic and refined. Another new-comer-style to the boots fashion is wedge-sole boots continuing from the wedge-sole sandal boom this past summer. “Bikyaku” (= beautiful legs) style long boots are also part of the winter fashion leaders as they have been for some years now.
coats of all materials that cover one’s shoulders and are long as her knees or just above

Coats this winter are more popular in longer and tighter silhouettes, focusing on trench coats and long coats of rich materials such as cashmere. Femininity is emphasized by rather thick belts strapped tightly around the waist and almost flare A-line cut. Large and low-cut collars sometimes embellished with fur and frills are also major features of this year’s winter coats.