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Elegant / Feminine

This style is originally referred to as " Ojohsama-kei " fashion. (Ojohsama means egirls with good upbringingf and kei means elinef), indicating elegant and neat girly or princess-like fashion.
Clothes are designed with laces, frills and soft materials, and the silhouette is
figure-hugging although not tight, showing not too much skin.
More skirts are usually worn than pants, together with boots, pumps or mules.
Soft colors such as white, pink, light blue and other pastel colors are preferred, sometimes with a small touch of glittering elements.

  Auntie Rosa
  Auntie Rosa   J   E  

Spring / Summer 2006 For the Spring & Summer 2006 collection, Auntie Rosa unfolds designs imaging a holiday of a Parisian girl.

Using frills, laces, ribbons and chiffon abundantly but making them look casual, Auntie Rosa offers items and coordinations all girls can enjoy for daily fashion.

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